In Europe? Got a PS4? Play Online For Free For 5 Days


If you’ve gone out and bought yourself a PlayStation 4, chances are you’ve also signed up to Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service.

If you haven’t, however, you’ll soon be able to at least sample its online gaming aspect for free for a short while.

Starting at 10am GMT on Wednesday 15th November and running until 10am GMT on Monday 20th November, PlayStation 4 owners will be able to play online regardless of whether or not they have an active PlayStation Plus subscription. That means they can take the action online in Star Wars Battlefront II, complete some daily events in Gran Turismo Sport, or just get sworn at while playing Call of Duty: WWII. Why you’d buy any of those games if you didn’t have a PlayStation Plus subscription already I do not know, but yeah.


Unfortunately, other benefits you receive from having a PlayStation Plus subscription like access to a number of games and cloud saves will remain locked during the five day promotion, so you’ll still have to imagine what they’re like. Still, if you don’t currently subscribe and have a hankering for some online shenanigans you may as well make the most of it if you’re in Europe. You never know, it might just convince you to take the plunge and subscribe for a wee while.