Help, My Sims 4 Toddler Has Become a Whirling Tornado of Doom

As if a naked nanny wasn’t enough of a problem, now one of my toddlers seems to have become some kind of actual Devil Spawn.

If you’ve had a toddler in The Sims 4, you’ll know that sometimes they can get a little mischievous and start causing destruction when you’re not looking. This’ll be displayed on screen with a sort-of whirlwind animation. It doesn’t last long – either the kid gets bored, or you’ll send a parent along to go discipline their tiny pixelated ass.

Well, not my kid. Somehow, he got stuck as a Whirling Tornado of Doom. The cloud of dust animation wouldn’t leave, and so whether he was eating, sleeping, playing or bathing, he was the Tasmanian Devil.

Here he is with the naked nanny herself. Perhaps a defining moment?

Perhaps this was the result of seeing your nanny wandering around naked. That shit has to affect kids on a deep level. Maybe even enough to turn them into a raging smoke monster that looks like something from the Lost clipping room floor.

He eventually calmed down and the dust settled, just in time for him to age up to being a child. It took about three days though. I’m secretly a little disappointed — having the Dust Baby become a Dust Adult would’ve been pretty entertaining.

Eating as a Dust Cloud
Sleeping as a Dust Cloud