Hideki Kamiya Would Like to Remake Viewtiful Joe or Devil May Cry

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I like Hideki Kamiya.

Responsible for a growing list of quality action games such as Devil May Cry, Okami and Bayonetta, he’s one of the few iconic figures in the industry who’s really worth paying attention to. He’s got quite a short fuse on Twitter too, which makes me like him even more.

But enough of me fawning over the guy, you’re here for the games, right? And the news is that he’d be interested in remaking Viewtiful Joe or Devil May Cry, if Capcom would let him.

As reported by Siliconera, Hideki Kamiya expressed his interest during an interview in this week’s Dengeki Playstation, though they aren’t the only two titles he’d like to get stuck into. He’d also like to make a true sequel to Okami, which is receiving yet another HD re-release next month, and also possibly a crossover between Dante and Bayonetta. Now that would be something special.

“Dear Capcom,” he pleads, “if it’s okay with someone like me, I will help anytime. Best regards. Everyone, bow down your heads together with me!”. If I believed there was a chance in hell of any of this happening I’d be bowing my head right now, but let’s face it, it’s all a pipedream. Let’s just all look forward to Hideki Kamiya’s next original game, shall we?