If You’re Sending Death Threats to a Game Dev You Should Probably Re-Evaluate Your Life

Star Wars Battlefront II Vader

Star Wars Battlefront II is out this Friday (or indeed tomorrow if you’ve preordered the Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition) and yet already it’s causing quite a stir.

Aside from fans being angry at the inclusion of loot boxes that supposedly make the game pay-to-win rather than a display of skill, what’s really riled them up is the revelation that press have previously been given access to a version of the game in which heroes were much easier to unlock.

Now, I’ve not played Star Wars Battlefront II myself yet. It’s sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to dive into it but I just haven’t had the time. Who knows, maybe its loot boxes are exploitative. Maybe it is a long and arduous grind to unlock heroes, but there’s one thing I do know: sending death threats to developers or anyone else involved in its production and marketing is totally not acceptable. In fact, it makes you an asshole. If you’re the type of person that sends such death threats, you should really go away and re-evaluate your life.



I’m not aware of any “special review copies” that have been sent to reviewers with lowered unlock requirements to boost their scores, but if that’s the case it’s down to reviewers to be ethical and take that into account when writing up their reviews. Chances are that members of the press have simply visited a preview event, in which requirements to unlock heroes etc. were lowered so that they could actually access them withing the few hours they probably had with the game. If you have a problem with that then fine, that’s your choice, but sending death threats is not the answer.

Instead of taking to forums or social media networks to act like a dick, simply don’t buy the game. No-one is forcing you to go out and buy it. You don’t have to play it. Just accept that the game isn’t for you and find something else to spend your time and money on. Perhaps even send EA a polite and well constructed email and/or tweet to let them know you’re not buying it and why. One of two things will happen: either enough people won’t buy the game that it’ll bomb, forcing EA to listen to feedback to get players on board, or it’ll still sell well because lots of gamers simply enjoy playing it for what it is. In the latter case, you’ll just have to accept that Star Wars Battlefront II really wasn’t made for you and move on.

As gamers, we really have become an entitled bunch. We want larger worlds, more detailed graphics, a continuous stream of content, but at the same time we want it all for the same price we paid 10-20 years ago. Something’s got to give, and while microtransactions and loot boxes are indeed shitty, you don’t have to buy them. I’ve never bought any, never felt like I’ve needed to, and yet I’ve still wholeheartedly enjoyed most games that feature them. In any case, no single person at EA, or any other company for that matter, is responsible for them being in any particular game, so don’t send them death threats. Keeping your cash in your wallet and simply walking away is the best thing you can do, while also keeping a shred of decency.