If You Like Destroying Stuff, ‘Infernal Racket’ Might Be the Game For You

Now, I don’t want to give the impression that I’m some sort of raging destruction machine, but I can’t deny that smashing something on purpose is incredibly satisfying.

I know I’m not the only one, either – that’s why places like anger rooms exist; where you get to go smash shit up in real life, guilt free. It’s a great stress reliever, which is probably exactly why Game Soup LLC decided to make a game out of it. Infernal Racket is a game about… well, destroying stuff. Just breaking and smashing as much expensive crap as you can get your little devilish hands on. It’s an incredibly simple premise… but oh-so satisfying.

Infernal Racket is a procedurally-generated platform game where each level takes place on a static screen. You’re presented with a room of shelves filled with valuable objects, and simply moving past them will destroy them. That’s not quite it though: there are also a number of enemies in the room trying to stop your destructive nature. Avoid their projectiles and jump near them to attack. It’s quick-paced and straightforward, but that’s just the ticket for an easy pick-up-and-play game.

Between each level, you’ll get to choose an upgrade which will help prolong your smashing streak. You can choose one from a random selection of three, and they’re a mixture of weapon upgrades, health refills or a chance to respawn after dying. My favourite though has to be the ‘murderator’: 30 seconds of spinning axes wildly circling your character, destroying everything on screen. Epic fun.

Once your run ends – which will probably last around five or so minutes until you ‘git gud’ – you’ll be given a score and a ranking. (My highest was ‘Destruction King’. I’m happy with that.) There’s always the impetus for “just one more game” to try and beat your last score.

Infernal Racket costs just £5.79/$7.99 on Steam. It won’t waste days of your time, but it’s a fun little way to pass half an hour or so at a time. Especially if you get a kick out of destruction. And if you say you don’t, well, you’re lying.