The Norwood Suite is a Weird Game

The Norwood Suite 2

There’s a wide world full of many types of video games, but sometimes, you come across a game that you find yourself unable to really describe. That was my initial impression of The Norwood Suite.

When I sat down to play The Norwood Suite I opened up the game and had a pen and paper next to me ready to write down thoughts and impressions – the way that I do with every game that I cover. After about an hour I looked down at my paper. At the top was the title, “The Norwood Suite”, followed by only “nice music” and “can never pull levers on first try, just me?” I had taken no notes to help me describe the type of game that it was, the story, the atmosphere, nothing. This was because, after an hour of playing The Norwood Suite, I still wasn’t completely sure what was happening.

The Norwood Suite 1

Here’s what I got from my time with the game: In The Norwood Suite you play as a person who has come to stay at The Norwood Hotel using a free voucher, but you find out later that you are there to investigate the whereabouts of a missing person, the man the hotel is named after. When you get there you find out that a famous DJ is having a party to celebrate an anniversary in the basement of the hotel so the place is hopping. As the story starts to unfold you mostly perform short ‘fetch quests’, like getting the hotel guests items that they want – because somehow you’ve been mistaken as someone who works there while you’re busy trying to solve the hotel’s mysteries.

As The Norwood Suite is a musical adventure game, there’s music to be heard in everything. Radios play in every room, and characters don’t have voices but instead have music assigned to them. The soundtrack has a hippie/trippy vibe to it which fits really well with all of the surreal goings-on inside the hotel, but to be honest, it’s just a big, weird question mark of a game, which is why I find it so hard to describe.

I’ll definitely go back to The Norwood Suite to uncover more of the mysteries that lie within. While my first impressions of the game weren’t too convincing, once you make it into your hotel room and realise what you’re really there to do, things get interesting. It’s definitely a fun experience, apart from my problem opening those cumbersome levers, so I’d highly recommend giving it a whirl.

The Norwood Suite is available on PC now.