Play For Honor For Free This Weekend…Again

We quite liked Ubisoft’s For Honor when it was released earlier this year.

An online focused brawler that features Knights, Samurais and Vikings all vying for supremacy across a number of maps, For Honor had us enraptured by its tense battles in which skill and strategy reign supreme over violently swinging your weapons with reckless abandon and hoping for the best. And, if you’ve not already tried it yet, you can do so this weekend for absolutely free.

For Honor Free Weekend


You can jump into the action right now on either PC, Xbox One or PlayStation 4, with For Honor‘s free weekend ending on either Sunday or Monday depending on where you are in the world (check out the Ubisoft website for exact timings and details). Of course, you’ll have to download the thing first if you intend to play, so get on it right now, and if you’re intending to play on console you’ll need either PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold to do so.

No content is off limits during the weekend, so you can tackle the Story Mode if you want or make use any of the 16 characters and 16 maps available in the various multiplayer modes.  A “Warriors Training Program” will also be in operation, rewarding those who group up to share knowledge and tactics 5,000 Steel.

Remember, any progress you make will be carried through to the full game if you decide to purchase at a later date, and For Honor will be discounted by 60% for the duration of the event on all platforms. Happy battling!