Should You Buy World of Final Fantasy on PC?

Released in October last year for PS4, World of Final Fantasy is a lovable celebration of the Final Fantasy franchise. Also, it has an incredible soundtrack.

Kim reviewed it and absolutely adored it, and now, just over a year later, it’s finally available on PC. But should you buy it?

If you haven’t already bought it on PlayStation 4 and are interested in playing it, the short answer is yes. Although as ports go, it’s pretty basic.

In terms of graphical options, there’s a configuration tool that’s only accessible outside of the game. You can choose if you want to play the game fullscreen or bordered, the resolution, the shadow resolution, and whether or not post-processing effects are used, and that’s it. There are no texture options, and if you want to make use of image enhancing features like anti-aliasing, you’ll have to force it through the likes of the NVIDIA control panel. Perhaps what’ll be the most disappointing thing about the port for PC gamers, however, is that the framerate is locked at 30fps.

The truth is though, that graphically, nothing really needed to be done when porting World of Final Fantasy. It’s a cutesy, colourful game that simply looks wonderful every step of the way. As you explore its world, bumping into iconic characters that have been given the Chibi treatment to make them resemble Funko POP! figures, you’ll always feel a warmth inside due to the innocence of it all. Despite the emphasis on humour, World of Final Fantasy plays like a classic Final Fantasy for the most part, and for that reason alone it’s worthy of your time.

Like pretty much all Final Fantasy PC ports, World of Final Fantasy also comes with some nifty options to make the game a much simpler experience. Random enemy encounters can be turned off, allowing you to roam fields freely, the cost of buying new skills can be set at zero, and you can even unlock unlimited Gil and battle items. It’s cheating, sure, but if you just want to blast through World of Final Fantasy to enjoy the story, they’re a great help.

All in all then, Square Enix hasn’t gone out of its way to do anything special with the PC port of World of Final Fantasy, but it’s still the best way to enjoy the game. On a moderately powerful PC it looks slightly better than the PlayStation 4 version, while the addition of cheats allows you to further tailor the way you play. If you’re after a good old-fashioned Japanese RPG to play on PC this winter, you’d be wise to pick World of Final Fantasy up.

Watch 10 minutes of World of Final Fantasy running on PC below.