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16 Tips to Help You Get the Best Out of Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins is big. It’s big, but it’s beautiful.

It’s by far the biggest Creed map we’ve ever seen, and every area is packed with stuff to do. It can be a little overwhelming at first, so we’ve gathered a few tips in order to help you on your way across Egypt so you can have the best possible adventure.

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Go at your own pace

The map of Assassin’s Creed Origins is massive. Like, ridiculously huge. You can rush through story missions if you like, but the level barriers on each will mean that you’ll have to do some side quest stuff in between anyway. Just enjoy the surroundings, take it slow, and do whatever missions you feel like doing. The game never forces you into doing a story mission and no area is gated off, so you really are free to go and do whatever you please — although be aware of wandering into areas that are higher level than you. You’ll find yourself dying pretty quickly.

The numbers on the map represent the recommended level bracket

Notice the numbers under the name of each area on the map? Those are a recommended level. If an area says “13-15”, then the game suggests you should be somewhere around level 13-15 before you try to tackle that area. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on this as you wander around to avoid going into any areas that are too difficult just yet.

Bleed on hit weapons are powerful

Rare and legendary equipment have special skills. Many weapons have a ‘bleed on hit’ skill, which is, in our opinion, a good choice to use. It seems pretty overpowered and does a lot of damage to enemies.

Keep checking your inventory

You’ll find new items everywhere — when looting boxes, killing enemies or exploring under the sea. Keep an eye on what new pieces of equipment you acquire, and change out your loadout regularly as you get better stuff. A higher level weapon can make all the difference.

Visit the blacksmith to upgrade older weapons

If you’ve got an amazing rare piece of equipment with killer bonuses to it, you don’t have to give it up when it becomes too low level. Visiting a blacksmith — there’s one in every town; look for the anvil icon on your map — will allow you to upgrade any item to your current level. Be warned though; it costs money, and legendary items in particular are very expensive to upgrade. Be sure it’s worth it before you spend all your money.

Sell your junk for cash

As you play, you’ll collect various ‘trinkets’ that sit in your inventory. When you hunt, you’ll also collect random bits of dead animals. Yup, Bayek is there, running around with pounds of dead animal flesh and teeth and ears of his kills just weighing down his pockets. Imagine how bad he smells. Anyway, these items serve no purpose other than to sell. When you visit any merchant, you can sell it all at once with the press of a button. If you’re an achievement hunter though, wait until you’ve gathered 100 trinkets as you’ll get a trophy for selling that many at once.

Let your steed do the walking

Got a long journey ahead and need to rest your digits? If you’re riding a camel or a horse, you can let the game take you to your target automatically. Holding down A (or X on PS4) will give you the option to follow the road, and then by pressing Y (or triangle) you can head to your current objective marker. You might want to keep an eye on Bayek’s progress though; those animals aren’t the smartest and will occasionally walk into things blocking their path.

Remember to spend your ability points

Every time you level up, you’ll gain a point to spend in your ability tree. None of the abilities are particularly life-changing, but many of them are handy to have. Make sure you head to the menu every time you level up and spend your points. Some skills – particularly later on – cost two or three points though, so you may want to save them up from time to time.

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