Two Days After Launch, Nioh on PC is Now the Definitive Experience

Nioh: Complete Edition landed on PC just a couple of days ago, finally allowing those without PS4s to get their hands on the title.

Including the base game, all the DLC released to date and a few tweaks, it offers great value for PC gamers wanting a Dark Souls-like experience with an oriental twist, but at launch it had a couple of troublesome problems that quickly led to it receiving mixed reviews on Steam.

Thankfully, the main issue that was causing players grievance with the game – a configuration launcher that was failing to launch – has been totally resolved, allowing players to finally boot into their desired resolution and graphical settings. And with the latest patch that dropped just this morning, other issues such as slowdown and stuttering have been reduced too. For PC gamers with a decent rig, Nioh: Complete Edition is now undoubtedly the best way to enjoy the game.


As always, there’s still room for improvement though. You still get the feeling that Nioh isn’t as optimised for PC as it could be, with some players needing to drop the shadow quality down to medium to achieve a constant 60fps on machines that exceed the recommended specifications. On that note, the range of graphical settings available to players are pretty slim, too. There are no in-game options for anti-aliasing or texture filtering, for example, forcing you to use tools like the NVIDIA Control Panel to apply them.

Keyboard and mouse support is also absent, with no indication that it will ever be added, so if that’s how you like to game then you may be out of luck. Nioh was a console game first and foremost, and this port doesn’t attempt to make you think otherwise.

Still, if you’re a huge fan of Nioh or haven’t played it yet due to the lack of a PS4, Nioh: Complete Edition on PC is a very worthwhile purchase. It looks better than it ever has done, performs reasonably well, and there’s so much content that you could start the game now and still be playing it well after Christmas. A console port it may be, but it’s only taken a couple of days of ironing out some kinks for it to become the definitive Nioh experience.

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