Five Cooking and Food-Themed Video Games You Might Not Have Heard Of

Many people will tell you that food is one of the few pleasures we get out of life, and it may very well be true.

Starting from an early age, we were all taught to eat the food on our plates rather than splash it around, but there is finally a way to turn food into another pleasurable experience.

The rise of the video gaming industry has made use of this childhood memory and finally enabled us to play with our food. Even though it is digital rather than tangible food in your plate, it is still fun to see how skillful you are in the culinary department, no matter if the game requires slicing, cooking, baking or decorating. For everyone who is eager to make one of their childhood wishes come true, the following games are an excellent choice of food play.

Pizza Tycoon

For all of those pizza fans out there, Pizza Tycoon is the ultimate video game. You are guided through the process of setting up and running a pizza restaurant, where creating your own pizzas is the name of the game. You get to create all kinds of combinations, try out new toppings and test them on your virtual customers before putting your own family to the tasting test.

Pizza Tycoon is available on PC.

Street Food Tycoon

Street Food Tycoon has several layers of gameplay, making it attractive for a wider player audience. It starts off with the process of setting up your street food business – while you are not allowed to put your online live roulette skills to use and rack up a bankroll, you can still get some help from the bank or your parents to get started. It follows the whole process of entrepreneurship, like buying equipment and ingredients, preparing the product and actually selling it.

Street Food Tycoon is available on mobile.

Order Up!

Order Up! has you focused completely on your cooking skills. Players need to be prepared for all kinds of challenges, and it is often seen as to hard a choice for those that can’t boil an egg, let alone cook a sous vide steak. And just when you thought that this game couldn’t get more realistic, bear in mind that players are constantly faced with little mice running across the screen due to lack of a health inspector.

Order Up! is available on PS3 and 3DS, with an updated version, Order Up! To Go available on mobile.

Cake Mania

This video game was initially released back in the days when online, web-based games were a little known miracle and curse. Since these often lacked a pause button, players were tricked into learning how to prepare dough, frosting and all kinds of creams for their cakes. Since its beginnings, Cake Mania has been established as a favourite to many players with a sweet tooth.

Cake Mania is available on PC.