Check Out This Trailer for Floor Kids

Floor Kids

With designs by award-winning animated filmmaker Jonathan Ng (a.k.a. JonJon), Floor Kids certainly stands out.

Released in North America today and on the 18th of this month in Europe, Floor Kids is a Nintendo Switch game that certainly seems like it’ll stick out from the crowd.

Challenging you to build up your crew of eight original bboy and bgirl characters, you ‘ll need to master a range of moves and combinations as you journey across a cityscape. Impress the onlookers by completing their requests and you’ll become a hit, but mess up and you’ll just be left with egg on your face.


With over 40 original unreleased tracks by Kid Koala and both solo freestyle and two-player local party modes, Floor Kids looks set to win us over. It’s already won numerous award for its innovation. Check out the trailer below to see what it’s all about.