FMV Dating Sim ‘Super Seducer’ Looks Ridiculous and I Can’t Wait to Play It

Forget your Red Dead Redemptions and your God of Wars. The game I’m most looking forward to playing in 2018 goes by the name of Super Seducer.

Wipe that smirk off your face; this is no joke. I’m as serious as Sam right now. Coming out on Valentine’s Day next year, Super Seducer is a live-action dating sim. Yes, live action, as in video footage and everything. You take on the role of pick-up artist Richard on his quest to go from loser to schmoozer. Guide him through his dates and end up with a lovely lady on your arm.

Just take a look at this trailer. Look at it.



Oh, but the wonder of Super Seducer doesn’t end there, oh no. That chap in the trailer, that’s Richard La Ruina. He’s not just some actor pretending to be a lady’s man, oh no. He actually is the world’s top pick-up artist*. He’s written a book about it and everything — “The Natural: How to Effortlessly Approach The Women You Want”, it’s called.

*Well, the press release says “world’s top pick-up artist”. Richard’s website says he’s only Europe’s top pick-up artist. Tut, tut.

Says Mr La Ruina, who was apparently a self-confessed shy virgin-turned-love-god at the age of 21, “Super Seducer is the culmination of my eleven years as a highly-successful dating coach and my life-long love of gaming… It’s my hope that through Super Seducer, I can continue to provide single men, or whomever is in need of dating advice, the means to find their soulmate after they’ve completed the game.” So, men, play this game and you’ll become Austin Powers of the 21st century. As for us women, I dunno, maybe it’ll help us spot a slimeball?

Anyway, Super Seducer has over eight hours of recorded footage, multiple endings, and over 500 choices to make through branching dialogue options. It’s all about being gentlemanly, knowing your boundaries, and knowing how to read your lady-friend’s signals.

I may not be the target audience for Richard La Ruina’s Super Seducer, but by god, am I excited to play it. It’s coming to PC and PS4 on 14th February 2018.