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New Resident Evil 7 DLC is Melee Good

Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe 2

You know what I really liked about Resident Evil 7? It took the series back to its horror roots.

It kinda veered back towards action during its closing hours, but for the most part it was a tense and gruelling experience as you contended with strange ooze-like enemies and the terrifying Baker family. I guess the bad news is that if you were hoping that the game’s last couple of DLC drops, released this week, would bring back the horror then you’re shit out of luck. But still, they’re thoroughly entertaining in their own right.

The first piece of Resident Evil 7 DLC to drop this week is Not a Hero, which is absolutely free. It acts as the first part of an epilogue to the main campaign, placing you in the boots of Chris Redfield as he chases down Lucas Baker to bring him into custody.

Not a Hero will take you just over an hour to complete, but as hours go, it’ll be a memorable one. Armed with a pistol and a shotgun, you’ll tackle some of the standard Resident Evil 7 ooze monsters as well as a new variety that can’t be harmed with standard ammo. Chris being Chris, he also can’t help but punch enemies from time to time. Simply stagger a foe with a bullet or a grenade and the prompt to stick it to ’em with your fists will appear. For normal enemies it doesn’t seem too ridiculous, but when fighting a boss about 10 times your size, sending them flying with a punch beggars belief.

Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero

The Not a Hero campaign is pretty much like a gauntlet really. From a hub, there are multiple paths to take which can only be completed in a certain order as you upgrade your mask with a better contamination filter and night vision capabilities. The action is tight, however, and a fair few environments are packed into the running time. Of course, it ends with a typical epic boss fight too. All in all, Not a Hero is rather brilliant for a freebie.

Following on from Not a Zero, though perfectly playable by itself, is Resident Evil 7′s final piece of paid DLC, End of Zoe. And this is where Resident Evil 7 goes absolutely berserk.

In End of Zoe you play as Joe Baker, brother of Jack and uncle to Zoe, who you probably left at the pier in the main campaign. Finding a mutated Zoe being looked over by a couple of Umbrella soldiers, he deals with them before vowing to find a cure for her condition. As you head out to begin your search, however, you’ll wonder why you’ve got no weapons.

The truth is, Joe doesn’t need them. He lets his fists do all the talking. End of Zoe plays a like a short successor to the mighty fine Condemned, with Joe dismantling any creatures that stand in his path with a flurry of punches. Each controller trigger performs a swing with the corresponding hand, and by alternating your attacks a punishing four-hit combo can be performed. You’ll sometimes put enemies in finishing states too, allowing you to put your fist through their face or stomp on various body parts.

Resident Evil 7 End of Zoe

Even crocodiles can’t escape from a good fisting, though they are better dealt with by throwing a hastily crafted spear in their direction. And to mix the action up a little more, some sections are better off approached with stealth in mind, but with a running time just shy of 90 minutes your limited combat options never really become an issue. End of Zoe is short but ever so sweet – a linear romp that is just action after action – and it’s that crazy that it’s hard to not be thoroughly entertained by it.

There’s some scope for repeated playthroughs too, with your first completion unlocking a shotgun for use as well as a host of challenges which can be completed to unlock yet more bonuses. It’s perhaps still quite light on content for something that costs £11.99/$14.99 on its own, but as part of the season pass it’s much more palatable. And it’s even better if you’ve not experienced Resident Evil 7 yet; the Gold Edition, which includes the base game and all the available DLC, costs only £44.99/$49.99 or less.

On its own, Resident Evil 7 is a brilliant game, no doubt. But with Not a Hero and End of Zoe it finally feels complete. Tying up loose ends while also providing three or so hours of heart pounding action, they may be light on horror, but they’re essential nonetheless.

Resident Evil 7 biohazard Gold Edition is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.
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