The 5 Best Party Games to Play This Holiday Season

The upcoming new year generally means party time.

That may be a good or bad thing, depending on your own preferences, but when it comes to hosting your family and friends in your own home, there’s one thing that can make gatherings more bearable: good old video games.

Thankfully, whatever console you own, there’s a wealth of party games available out there to help make Aunt Mildred’s incessant questioning a bit more bearable. I’m afraid there’s not much to be done about your grandpa’s sprout-fuelled bottom burps, but at least a good game or two will help you take your mind off things.

There are a lot of good party games out there, but we’ve selected five of our favourites. If you’re creative enough, almost any game can be turned into a group activity; take it in turns to grab a moon in Mario Odyssey for example, or each complete a race in Forza Horizon 3. But we’re focusing on the games that are designed to be played by multiple people. And we guarantee you’ll have a damn good time.

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Without further ado, proceed to the next page to see the first of our picks of the best party games to pull out at your Christmas celebrations this year. We won’t take any responsibility for any arguments that ensue when someone inevitably loses, however, but we will take the credit for the AWESOME AMOUNTS OF FUN YOU’LL HAVE. Ahem.

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