Three Games to Enjoy With Someone Special

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For the last two decades or so, gaming has provided a platform for people to get together.

Many bonds have been formed over the years between people that have never met each other but eventually fell in love or became best friends. It’s a really great means of just connecting with other people thanks to how gamers require you to work together towards the same goal.

A lot of gamers out there are spending their time on one gamer dating site or another, looking to find their likeminded player two. It’s only fitting then, that their first date revolves around video games! We’ve picked out three of our favourite co-op games perfect to play with someone special. Be it a lover, a first date, your friends who’re geek singles or a family member, these games can get you both super excited about working together.


This can be a silly game at times but its charming cartoonish graphics make that totally appropriate. The object of this game is to cook meals based on the recipe you receive. However, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. Not only do you have to cook the food, but you also have to slice it up first, prepare it, and take care of the dishes from the previous client in your restaurant.

That’s where the co-op element kicks in, as players have to divide tasks and assign duties so that they work like a well-oiled machined. Of course, that hardly ever happens, and most of the time people are barely hanging on to their seats laughing, as stoves catch fire, soups get burnt and customers leave angrily as the kitchen staff fail their assignment. It’s really good fun and a great experience to share with someone.


Cuphead is a really  interesting game that brings back the melancholic visuals of 1920s cartoons. If you have grown up with the likes of Popeye and whatnot, you will appreciate this art approach. Even if you’re a little too young for that, you will still be amazed of just how awesome this hand-drawn game looks.

The game focuses on two heroes, one of them being Cuphead, who literally has a cup for a head. You fight all sorts of enemies in a retro-style scroller game, where you have to dodge a lot of stuff all while keeping up your attacks so that you eventually down your foe. The co-op factor brings even more intensity to the game as you join forces to bring down the boss.

Cuphead Body 3

Portal 2

This is quite the throwback since the Portal games are fairly old now. However, if you haven’t played Portal 2, you should definitely check out the co-op mode. It lets you work together with a friend in order to beat the game’s levels. The game is focused around getting from point A to point B, usually across a room. The catch is that the room is filled with hostile drones, acid lakes, platforms and all sorts of obstacles.

Your weapons are a pair of portal guns which open up portals where you shoot, so you can enter on one side and exit the other. You really need to bring your smarts out for this one, but it’s worth it as you both figure out how you can beat each level’s intricate design.