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Titan Comics Captures the Ferocity of Tekken

Behind all the kicks and punches, Tekken has a story to tell.

Fighting games usually don’t get much appreciation for their stories. We just punch each other and we don’t get upset when we don’t know why. But more often than not, there’s quite a detailed backstory behind these characters and worlds. Titan Comics wonderfully displays the rich narrative behind Tekken in the first issue of their brand new comic book series.

Incorporating the infighting that troubles the Mishima family and events that led up to Tekken 6, this issue features fan favourite characters and plenty of action. Cavan Scott wrote sharp, witty, and appropriately cheesy dialogue that really captures the Tekken spirit. The art, crafted by Andie Tong, pops off the page and stays faithful to the series. The combination of a well paced narrative, fantastic art, and great action scenes creates an easy to digest, but thoroughly enjoyable dive into the Tekken series.

One of the brilliant aspects of this comic is how both Scott and Tong clearly took the time to really bring out the essence of these beloved characters. Paul is the cocky mess he always is, while Heihachi comes off as the power hungry maniac we all know him to be. The faithful art design of the characters will please die hard Tekken fans, and observant fans will notice memorable locales from the franchise.

There’s been a lot of energy and love poured into these pages, and definitely a sense of the ferocity the Tekken series is known for. The narrative grows and turns, and whether or not you’re knowledgeable about the lore, you can find something to enjoy in this issue. The turmoil of the Mishima family and the people that surround them is wonderfully captured in superb detail.

If you’re a long-time Tekken fan, you’ll appreciate the dedication that Cavan Scott and Andie Tong put into this issue. If you’re just a comic fan, you might not be fully satiated. The artwork is stellar, but the story and dialogue really feeds to the fanbase of Tekken. Not necessarily a fan service, but I feel it’s a bit partial to the player base, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Successfully embodies the nature of a true comic, but also fuels itself with the power of the beloved franchise it represents. The issue carves out a space for itself, allowing it to stand alone as a great piece of Tekken entertainment, and a visceral, engaging, fun read.

Tekken issue 1 is available on Amazon.

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