GameSpew’s Top 10 Games of 2017

9. Nier Automata

Available on PlayStation 4 and PC

What we said:

“NieR: Automata is undoubtedly a better game than its predecessor then, but still somewhat of a rough diamond; it doesn’t shine to its full potential, but it’s precious nonetheless. An overflow of quirkiness and an air of mystery empower it with a great deal of charm. It’s just so unusual and varied that it’s easy to overlook the occasional frustrations that it puts in your path. Ultimately, it’s a game that will stay with you long after you’ve seen the credits roll for the second, third or even fourth time; the memories of its characters and music lingering in your head, reminding you of what games can be like if they dare to be different. Unless you have no soul, I fail to see how you couldn’t be enraptured by it.”

Why is it on the list?

The original Nier was a flawed but utterly compelling game. It was janky as hell at times, but the sublime soundtrack and sometimes heartbreaking story kept it in my memories for years after release. But with PlatinumGames at the helm, Nier Automata is better in every way.

It’s not devoid of problems, yet you care little for them as you explore Nier Automata‘s strange world, completing quests, engaging in furious combat and uncovering threads of its sombre narrative. All the while its astonishing soundtrack plays out, making every second a treat for your senses. Nier Automata is one of the best games of 2017 because even though it’s not perfect, it’ll stick with me for years. And not many games can manage that feat. — Rich

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