The Walking Dead Collection Has Yet More Achievements / Trophies For You To Earn

Walking Dead Collection Header

Released tomorrow, The Walking Dead Collection bundles up all four Telltale’s The Walking Dead seasons that are currently available, while also giving some of them a bit of a spruce up.

I’ve ploughed some time into it but want to delve a little deeper before I give my verdict on the package, so expect a review later this week, but for now, here’s some info that will please achievement and/or trophy hunters: The Walking Dead Collection has its own separate list.

The Walking Dead Collection


Installing all four seasons in one package, Xbox One owners come out on top with The Walking Dead Collection offering them 4,000 achievements points. Each season basically has its full Xbox One achievement list intact complete with their original points values, making the collection an interesting proposition for those looking to boost their gamerscore.

On PlayStation 4, gamers will still be able to get more trophies for playing through all four The Walking Dead seasons but the rewards are less generous. The Walking Dead Collection on PlayStation 4 only features a single platinum, and the first, second and Michonne seasons only award bronze trophies for beating each of their episodes and nothing else. That means there’s only a grand total of 52 trophies to collect, made up of 48 bronze, 3 gold and one platinum.