Will Sony and Nintendo Use Their Experience to Explore Other Markets?

Nintendo Game Boy Virtual Console 3DS

Most people around the world will have heard of gaming giants Sony and Nintendo.

Sony are responsible for a lot more than games consoles, but they’re probably most well-known for being the creators of the PlayStation. Nintendo, on the other hand, have been around longer, and made their name with the likes of the NES and the hugely popular Gameboy handheld.

Both companies are extremely experienced when it comes to making games consoles. Sony have other interests that include both sound and vision, whereas Nintendo are a firm fully focused on achieving success in the gaming world. The question is, will both companies look to add to their current successes by exploring other markets in order to maximise revenue? Technology doesn’t stand still, after all, and those who fail to search out more opportunities sometimes get left behind.

Nintendo, as previously stated, are experts when it comes to handheld gaming; but Sony aren’t too shabby when it comes to this market either. With the emergence of mobile gaming and mobile-focussed brands like mFortune who specialise in mobile gaming, together with the ever increasing advancements in smart phones; could this be an avenue that both Sony and Nintendo could look to profit from? We’ve already seen some popular PlayStation games make the transition as well as some Nintendo favourites such as Super Mario. Even though console gaming is still streets ahead of mobile play, these lines will continue to be further blurred as smart phone manufacturers play catch up and the likes of Sony and Nintendo could be great successes in the field.

Companies such as Sony and Nintendo would more than likely only explore other avenues that were likely to bring them further success in terms of revenue, and they could do worse than looking at the online casino sector. It’s a multi trillion-pound business that in some ways would fit with what they’re used to. The slot games, for example, aren’t too far short of what handheld games consoles such as the Nintendo DS and Sony PS Vita could produce, so again, it could be a totally new route for them to explore yet slightly similar to what made them the companies that they are today.

In the past, there has even been talk about console makers teaming up together to produce the ultimate games console, could this be another attractive proposition for both parties? It may not be a new market, but it certainly would be a new way of working that would allow those involved to focus on what they’re really good at rather than doing everything themselves. Although it’s highly unlikely now what with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all finding success, could we one day see some of these companies pool their efforts to strengthen their position in the market?