YouTube is Now 4K 60FPS on Xbox One X

Xbox One X Header

It felt kinda strange spending a load of dough on an Xbox One X to then not be able to watch YouTube videos in 4K.

I mean, if you wanted to watch Digital Foundry videos to see what benefits the Xbox One X versions of games had to offer over their standard counterparts, you’d have to watch them via the YouTube app built in to your TV or something, which is such a hardship.

As of right now though, the YouTube app on Xbox One X has been updated to support 4K 60fps playback. Just open the app to prompt it to update if it hasn’t done so already. So yeah, no need to go elsewhere to watch 4K YouTube videos anymore. HDR support may be on the way soon too, apparently.


If you’re an Xbox One S owner, however, there’s bad news: no 4K 60fps support for you just yet. It may come in the future though, so keep those fingers crossed.