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13 Ways That You Will Definitely Die in Breath of the Wild

If you’ve already put a few dozen or so hours into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, then you’re familiar with how the world works. Particularly, how brutal it can be if you aren’t properly prepared.

For those of you innocents just starting, you may not be expecting just how many possible ways there are to die in the world that surrounds Hyrule Castle. Hohoho, are you in for a treat! The following is a list of a few ways that you will definitely die during your time with Breath of the Wild.

Warning: may contain very minor spoilers for the game!

1. Falling to Your Death 

Paragliding: I love it… but boy, it’s dangerous as hell. A great way to travel across the map, you get some really wonderful views (and take some beautiful screenshots) that way. I also love to paraglide because I’m lazy. To be honest, I rarely walk the five feet to my kitchen to put away my dishes when I’m done using them, so I’m not likely to walk all the way to the other side of the map in a video game just for a silly side quest. No way. I will glide even if it kills me — and it will.

One of the best ways to travel long distances quickly in Breath of the Wild is to climb to the top of a cliff or mountain and glide down. The problem there, of course, is your stamina bar. After you jump off a cliff, you may soon realise that you don’t have quite enough stamina to make it safely to your destination. Oh, crap. As you watch that small green circle slowly turn red you’ll think carefully about your life choices as Link’s short life flashes before your eyes.

Oh, and you may think that you’ll be fine as long as you land in water. Well, you’d be wrong there too. You’ll drown immediately because you’ve left yourself with no stamina. Damn! Speaking of drowning…

2. Drowning

Every death on this list is as frustrating as the last, but drowning always makes me salty. In Breath of the Wild the way that you recover your hearts is through eating food. The more ingredients you put into your food, the more hearts you recover, so it’s good to make your food with fish or meat. This means a lot of fish catching, but without a fishing pole to use (a missed opportunity in my opinion, Nintendo) you’ll be swimming and catching fish with your bare hands.

But again, there’s that pesky issue of the stamina bar. In order to catch a couple of hearty salmon or Hyrule bass, you’ll have to spam your “dash” button to keep up with them. I guarantee that at some point you’ll be too busy snatching up fish to notice you’ve run completely out of stamina. That’s right. The Hyrule Champion, who can grip onto any surface and climb it like Spider-man, will drown after a few quick dashes to catch a couple of fish for his salmon meunière.

3. Burning Alive

There are actually a few different ways to burn alive in Breath of the Wild but I will be describing what clearly has to be the most painful way. Three ways not mentioned in detail here include: being shot by enemies with fire arrows, setting grass and thus yourself on fire, and standing on top of a campfire. All legitimate ways to prematurely end Link’s life.

The worst way to burn alive in Breath of the Wild is simply by visiting Goron City and the surrounding region in inappropriate clothing. I found this out the hard way. Here’s a tip: when you’re around an active volcano, drop anything wooden in your inventory because it’s doomed, along with you, if you aren’t wearing heat resistant armour.

Instead of turning back when stepping into the Death Mountain area I ran as quickly as I could to Goron City, naked (having taken all of my clothes off), left all of my wooden weapons and shields to burn, and quickly bought the armour in the new area. This strategy is not recommended.

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