1Five Great Strategy Games for Beginners

Strategy games are played over hours, sometimes days or weeks.

They can have you control whole empires or small squads and can task you with organising them down to the tiniest detail. Games with so much UI it can be scary. Heck, even the name of this genre sounds mentally taxing.

But strategy games boast some of the most incredible experiences that you can sink your teeth into. These games implore you to take such care in the management and style of your nations that you become one with your chosen team. You will experience every sweet victory and bitter defeat as if you were there yourself.

With a plethora of games out there, many of which are far too complicated for a beginner though (cough Crusader Kings II cough), it can be daunting for a newcomer to the genre to know where to begin. Worry no more, as we’ve listed five of the best strategy games for beginners right here.