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5 Original Xbox Games We Want to Play on Xbox One

Before the Xbox One, before the Xbox 360, there was the Xbox.

This vast, pitch-black monolith delivered gaming joy to a generation of gamers who thought a loot box was something you’d see a pirate burying. But now, thanks to Microsoft’s dedication to backwards compatibility, you can play a selection of original Xbox titles on the Xbox One.

You can see the official list of backwards-compatible Xbox games right here. We have been warned that the library of titles won’t be all that extensive, but it doesn’t stop us thinking about the original Xbox games we’d love to revisit again on Xbox One. Here’s our top five. Please and thank you, Microsoft. 🙂

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 was a sterling example of how to get survival horror right. Rather than subjecting you to jump scare after jump scare, the game created a world steeped in misery and tension.  Even when you’re weren’t fighting the sparsely-placed enemies or venturing through a hellish otherworld, you were still constantly on edge, in fear of what might happen next.

The American version of the game could be played on the Xbox 360, but Silent Hill 2 fans outside U.S. territories were out of luck. The Silent Hill Collection, released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, offered a markedly worse experience as it appeared to be based on a development build of Silent Hill 2, the original final code having been lost. Making the Xbox original playable on the Xbox One would bypass these issues and give a whole new generation of gamers the opportunity to experience its horror.

BUT: Konami doesn’t seem to have a great deal of interest in revisiting old properties and, after the cancellation of Silent Hills, has done next-to-nothing with the Silent Hill franchise.

Star Wars: Battlefront

No, not that one. We’re referring to the original Star Wars: Battlefront, which first saw the light of day in 2004. Like the 2015 remake, this Star Wars-themed shooter had you fighting on foot or in vehicles across several movie-inspired levels. However, this version had more to offer than its modern successor. You could drive AT-ATs, fight alongside or against large computer-controlled teams and play any multiplayer mode offline.

BUT: Lucasarts/EA may well be reluctant to see Star Wars: Battlefront added to the backwards compatibility roster for fear of damaging sales of the heavily criticised Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

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