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5 Tips for New Free-to-Play Hearthstone Players

3. Do the Tavern Brawl Every Week

The Tavern Brawls were added to Hearthstone back in 2015, a year after Hearthstone’s initial release, and have been a player favourite ever since.

Tavern Brawls are different each week and allow players to get a free pack with their first win. This is a quick and easy way to grab some new cards. And with the exception of the build-your-own-deck brawls, most Tavern Brawls are completely random, allowing brand new players to compete against veteran players without struggle.

Tavern Brawl is great practice for new players who haven’t quite gotten the hang of the game yet.

4. Give Arena a Try

Hearthstone’s Arena is one of the hardest modes in the game — in this writer’s opinion, at least. In Arena, you’re given a choice between three random heroes, and a choice between three cards to add to your 30-card deck. After you choose one you’re given another choice between three cards until your deck is full.

Arena is another great way for new players to quickly learn the different mechanics of cards, and it’s cheap for only 150 coins. You’re rewarded at the end based on the number of wins you received — and even if you don’t win any you get a small consolation prize, so it’s worth a try.

5. Practice Different Strategies in Dungeon Run

The Kobolds and Catacombs Dungeon Run is the most recent feature added to Hearthstone — and it is pretty brilliant.

Each player picks a class and starts with a 10-card deck. From there, players must fight boss after boss, adding cards as well as hero upgrades with each win. The best part about Dungeon Run is that it’s completely free. You can try, try and try again to beat those difficult bosses to your heart’s content and never spend a cent.

Of course, you don’t win anything until you beat the dungeon with all nine classes — but the experience is worth the effort.

I’ve never spent a penny of real money in Hearthstone and you don’t have to either. There are so many ways for you to beef up your card collection that hopefully you won’t feel like you ever need to. Farm those daily quests as much as you can and you’ll have a few hundred coins in no time to go and “spend” to your hearth’s content.

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