7 Games Censored After Release

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Sometimes, only after a game has released is some content found to be too offensive or inappropriate.

It doesn’t happen all that often, but once the naughtiness is found it has to be dealt with quickly – bad PR or a slap on the wrist from the likes of PEGI or ESRB is never helpful to sales, after all. But, you want some examples to sate your curiosity, don’t you?

Here are 7 games that were censored for some reason or another after being released.

House Party – Penis Escapades 

Eek! Games’ House Party isn’t even out of Early Access on Steam yet, but it still found itself on the receiving end of Valve’s ire.

You see, House Party is a game in which you can whip your penis out on command and even stimulate it if you so desire, complete with a happy ending. While that might bring pleasure to you, the guests at the house party you’ve crashed might not be so happy about it, however.

House Party originally released with its sexual content uncensored, allowing you to expose your member and engage in depraved acts without any pixellation obscuring the action. Now it is censored, however, making it less offensive so that it can remain on the Steam store. For those that want all the smut, though, there is a workaround so that you still play the uncensored version via Steam.

Featuring sex, nudity, violence and a bucketload of humour, House Party is essentially a point and click adventure game for the modern day gamer. There are many characters, each with their own quests to complete, and when you’re done playing though the preset story you can create your own, too.

If you like adventure games with a side order of smut, you might just want to check out House Party.