7 Games Censored After Release

Watch Dogs 2 – Troublesome Vaginas

watch dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 is a tremendous game. When it first launched, however, it caused quite a stir because of many of its female NPCs exposing their lady gardens.

The troublesome vaginas came to many gamers’ attention when discovered by a PlayStation user who shared a shocking sight via the PS4’s screenshot feature. Banned from Sony’s online services for a month as a result, he took to Neogaf to discuss the whole sordid affair and then events escalated from there, with many major gaming websites then covering the story.

Ubisoft was quick to apologise for the offending content and pushed a patch live shortly after the launch of the game. While vaginas are no longer visible in Watch Dogs 2, however, there’s still plenty of nudity if you happen to come across the game’s nudist reserve.

Virtual Reality Girls – Would You Like Me to Lap Dance For You?

Virtual Reality Girls

Developed by ErosVR, Virtual Reality Girls originally launched as an ‘adult’ VR game in which you could enjoy a private lap dance from a range of ladies in multiple environments. As the ladies in question were mostly completely nude, however, Valve quickly removed it from the Steam store on the grounds that it was porn.

Whether it was porn or not remains up for debate, but the only way ErosVR could get the game back onto the store was to censor it, and so it did.

Upon its return to the Steam store, purchasers of Virtual Reality Girls found that its ladies’ private parts were now pixellated, and as you can imagine, they weren’t entirely happy. They could still get a private VR lap dance with a model that had all her personal areas appropriately covered up, though.

Since the release of Virtual Reality Girls on the 25th November ErosVR has released a follow up too, imaginatively titled Virtual Reality Girls 2. Featuring luxury cars and expensive locations alongside its private dancers, it aims to give you the experience of being a millionaire, apparently.