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7 Wonderful But Ridiculous Skyrim Mods You’ve Gotta Try

Skyrim is serious business, which makes these seven ridiculous mods all the more magnificent.

While The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim does sport the odd dash of humour, it’s a relatively po-faced affair. When they’re not sending you on quests, the world’s populace express an inordinate amount of interest in your affairs. NPCs of note impress upon you the importance of your role as Skyrim‘s saviour, even if only five minutes before you were running up and down their dining table.

In short, it’s not a laugh-a-minute game, which is why Skyrim‘s modding community is such a blessing. While PlayStation 4 owners get a raw deal, thanks to restrictions imposed by Sony, PC and Xbox One owners can add all manner of fan-produced content to the game. The available add-ons range from the mundane through to the totally absurd and while the former have their value, it’s the latter end of the spectrum that we’ll be looking at today.

Install one or more of these ridiculous mods and you’ll find that Skyrim becomes a much sillier place. It becomes a land where rabbits are nine feet tall and where one man’s flatulence is the only thing that can protect the realm from the F-14 fighter jets that seek to destroy it; truly, a place of wonder.


1. Super Kamehameha Wave

Author: TrentisN

Dragonball Z is, I’m reliably informed, an anime about levelling up to fight a boss, then grinding away ’til you’ve got enough power points to fight the next one. It’s also quite popular apparently, with Dragonball FighterZ, a fighting game based on the series, coming out this month.

But if you can’t wait till then, Skyrim‘s modders have you got you covered. The Super Kamehameha Wave is an absurdly and hilariously powerful attack that puts Street Fighter‘s Hadouken to shame, capable of obliterating all foes within a five-metre radius.

It’s almost guaranteed to get you arrested if you use it in a village, but that’s a small price to pay for engulfing yourself in a massive, impractical ball of blue energy.

Download Super Kamekameha Wave on nexusmods, and check it out in action below:

Skeleton Ghost Pirate

Author: skinnytecboy

In the words of renowned spiritual guru Robbie Rotten, “Do what you want ’cause a pirate is free. You are a pirate!” Or in the case of this mod, a Skeleton Ghost Pirate.

Despite my initial misgivings, I’m happy to report that while using this mod (which does little other than change your appearance) I encountered no anti-ghost-pirate prejudice. Patrons of one local bar were happy to point me in the direction of Belethor’s General Goods, paying little attention to the mead that was leaking out between my ribs. Unless, that is, they secretly hated him and thought that sending a flaming, glowing skeleton his way would terrify him into an early grave.

Download Skeleton Ghost Pirate from nexusmods, and check it out in action below:



Giant Rabbits

Author: ThatGuyMitch

There’s not a great deal to say about this mod, which turns every rabbit in the land into a giant, except that its effects are beautiful to behold. I mean, what more could you want from a game apart from giant rabbits? Not much, I say. I’m totally sold on the idea on principle alone.

Skyrim‘s opening cart ride was robbed of its already limited emotional impact when not one but two huge bunnies bounded across the road. Simple, ridiculous and totally wonderful.Oh, and this is a rare mod that’s actually available on PS4. Hurrah!

Download the Giant Rabbits mod from Bethesda.

Metal Shouts

Author: Waspinator1998

Fus-Ro-Dah is for wimps, as this mode’s gravel-voiced Merchant of Metal would no doubt tell you.

Purchase the appropriate tome from a stall outside Riverwood and you can annihilate your foes with a blast of pure heavy metal. There are thirteen shouts to choose from including high-quality samples from Manowar, Hammerfall, Rhapsody of Fire and more.

Hurling someone over a cliff using only the power of “Fast as a Shark” by Accept is a rite of passage that every gamer should undergo.

Download the mod here and see it in action below:

Katamari Dovahkiin

Author: verteiron

Katamari Damacy is terrifying. Maybe not from the perspective of the player but imagine living with the the knowledge that, at any time, you and your loved ones could be “rolled up” and launched into space just because the King of the Cosmos accidentally destroyed half the solar system.

Now you can bring that terror to the inhabitants of Skyrim with a spell that sucks any nearby animals or humans towards you and gathers them around your feet. The further you go, the more hapless beings that are drawn into the hellish ball of meat and fur.

Somehow, I don’t think Skyrim‘s fate is in the right hands.

Download the Katamari mod on nexusmods, and check it out in action in the video below:

Animated Fart Shouts

Author: Twiggy

Why waste your voice dragon shouting when you can Fus-Ro-Dah from an entirely different orifice?

Install this mod and, under the right circumstances, your character will bend over and demolish their foe with a fierce gust of rectal wind. The local populace are surprisingly forgiving of this change in tactics; the Jarl of Whiterun continued to talk to me even after I’d guffed him halfway across his throne room.

Download the fart shout mod from nexusmods, and check it out in action below:

Top Gun / Kenny Loggins Mod

Author: ChadPerson

I used to think that Skyrim‘s Macho Dragon mod, which made all the dragons look like wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage, was the height of perfection.

But no, this add-on surpasses even the appeal of the Macho Man, injecting a much-needed dose of Top Gun into Skyrim’s world.

Rather than having to deal with dragons, Skyrim is now plagued by fighter jets, which swoop in to the sound of Kenny Loggins’ orchestral epic “Danger Zone”, as heard in the entirely-subtext-free action film.

The only downside to this mod is that you can’t harvest F-14 parts to create your own Gundam suit.

Grab the Kenny Loggins mod from Bethesda’s website, and check it out in action below:

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