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AGDQ 2018 Kicks Off Today

It’s that time of the year, folks. Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 is here to amaze with the best of the speedrunning community.

Coming off of last year’s record-breaking events in terms of donations, the Games Done Quick charity marathon returns this week. Running from today, January 7th through to January 14th, the marathon it features hundreds of speedrunners showcasing their skills all in the name of entertainment and charity.

This time around, AGDQ 2018 will support the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Last summer, the event raised nearly $1.8 million for Doctors Without Borders, and they have consistently brought in over a million for each event the past few years. The Games Done Quick organisers and donators have done so much fantastic work that, according to their website, they are the “largest fundraising event globally for both charities.” An impressive feat, no doubt.

Like every other year, this marathon displays not just the talent and dedication of the runners and organisers, but the charitable nature of the community at large. Gamers come together in droves to support this event, with donation incentives and fun surprises. Sure, sometimes we donate so we can see a wacky speedrun, but we know what it’s all for.

This year features a lot of interesting runs, most notably the removal of the standard Super Metroid race to finish off the event. Instead, we’ll be treated to a Breath of the Wild speedrun. Very interested to see how that one turns out. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s undoubtedly a run you’ll enjoy watching. Just remember the goal here: raising money and awareness for an incredible foundation. Support your community and support the charity. Show Games Done Quick how much their hard work means.

To find the run you’re interested in, the schedule of events is up on their website.

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