The 10 Best Animal Companions in Video Games


Animals make great companions.

Not only are they cute, but sometimes they do the most hilarious things too. And on top of all that they’re also often quite useful – especially in the world of video games. Could you imagine playing Pokémon without Pikachu, for example? It just wouldn’t be the same.

Want more examples? Here are the 10 best animal companions in video games. Just where would we be without them?

10. Daxter – Jak & Daxter


Back in 2001, when the PS2 was the height of sophistication, a couple of pals by the name of Jak and Daxter decide to sneak off to Misty Island where unfortunately Daxter takes a little tumble into a silo of dark eco. Daxter makes it out of the silo alive, but now in the form of an ottsel; a small cross between an otter and a weasel.

It is this transformation that kick-starts the entire Jak and Daxter series, and creates the adventures that we know and love today. Falling into a vat of dark eco and turning into a rodent, however, doesn’t seem to stunt Daxter’s sense of humour; full of sarcasm and dry wit, Daxter is the glue that holds the Precursor Legacy together. Though he doesn’t do much to help out per se, his quips and attitude make a stern and serious Jak more likeable, while also keeping players entertained as they navigate tricky puzzles. Daxter is the character that keeps you sane.

9. Pikachu – Pokémon 


We’ve all dreamt about having a pet Pokémon in real life, but who better than Pikachu himself?

As Ash Ketchum’s loyal sidekick, Pikachu stole the hearts of 90’s kids everywhere. I don’t think I knew anyone at school who didn’t ferociously want their own Pikachu. In fact, many had stuffed toys and figurines that they treasured.

Although there are many Pokémon creatures I would prefer as fighters, Pikachu always seemed like the ideal companion. He never left his master’s side, and if you didn’t weep in unison with him when Ash was turned to stone, then quite honestly I think you must be made of stone.