6Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

Originally released in 2012 and later remastered for Xbox One, Sleeping Dogs is an open world game set on the streets of Hong Kong. You play as Wei Shen, a HKPD officer working undercover to infiltrate Hong Kong’s most notorious triads. Sleeping Dogs‘ imagining of Hong Kong doesn’t offer the biggest open world we’ve ever seen, but it’s incredibly well-designed and believable. Plus, there’s a wealth of missions to complete, many of which reward you with new skills and upgrades.

Sleeping Dogs boasts one of the best stories we’ve ever played through in an open world game. The fantastic writing and characterisation help keep you hooked, and for the more bloodthirsty of us, Wei’s catalogue of Mortal Kombat-like battle finishers (head in a meat grinder, anyone?) will keep you wanting more. Being one of the oldest games on the list, though, it shows in terms of graphics – but it still stands up and I can’t help but revisit Wei from time to time. An Xbox One X patch would be nice, though…

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