6 of the Craziest Games Available on PS4

Some games are just crazy.

Whether simply in premise, in gameplay, or both, there are some titles that you simply load up and then spend your time playing just thinking ‘how does this stuff get made?’

While the craziest games are found on Steam, where there’s less curation about what gets on the store, there are still a fair few to be found on the PlayStation store. Here are 6 of the craziest games on PS4 that we can heartily recommend.

I am Bread

I Am Bread - 05-min

I am Bread puts you in control of a sentient slice of bread on a mission to become toast. If that doesn’t sound crazy to you then you should probably get yourself checked out.

As a slice of bread, getting around is rather challenging, though your journey will demand that you escape from the confines of the kitchen, travel throughout the house, and eventually venture outside. But hey! A slice of bread’s gotta do what a slice of bread’s gotta do to become toast of its own volition, right?

Coming complete with a host of additional game modes to complement the sentient slice of bread’s story, I am Bread is crazy, challenging, and a whole lot of fun.

You can read our review of I am Bread here.


While the gameplay of Broforce is fast, frenetic and a little on the crazy side, its range of comedic characters are what really push it over the edge.

Broforce allows you to blast away with up three friends online or offline, with each one of you controlling a random Bro – a parody of an action movie hero. There’s Ash Brolliams, for example, a pixellated version of The Evil Dead‘s Ash Williams, and Rambro, an equally pixelly version of John Rambo from the Rambo films. Each Bro has their own weapons and skills, meaning you need to keep your wits about you as the on-screen action action gets absolutely insane. The environments are largely destructible too, adding even more strategy and choice.

Broforce perhaps isn’t the craziest game on this list, but it sure is the most fun when played with friends.