It's Tuesday, which means one thing for Guardians: Reset Day. Here's a handy guide for everything going on this week in Destiny 2.

This week brings the usual bevy of things to do for Guardians, like the return of Call to Arms, Heroic Strikes, Clan XP, Flashpoint, Nightfall, and Raid milestones for Powerful Engrams. But this week also sees the return of the Faction Rally, with a bit of a twist this time around. Below, you'll find an overview of everything at hand this week on Destiny 2.

Powerful Engrams

As usual, there are six available for you to earn. Completing public events and killing Cabal Conquerors or Vex Defenders on Mercury is your Flashpoint goal this week. Burn through your Crucible to earn Shaxx's Powerful Engram. Three Heroic Strikes and the Leviathan Raid round out the other available tasks. Doing any and all of these will help you progress towards the Clan XP Powerful Engram.

Nightfall Guide

This week, your goal is to defeat the giant Hobgoblin within the Pyramidion strike. No burns this week, but you'll have the benefit of the Torrent modifier, which drastically increases ability recharge times. Also, it's another race against a ticking clock, as Timewarp: Zero Hour prevents any extension of the mission timer.

The Pyramidion is a challenging strike, containing one of the more intense mid-sections of any strike in the game. I highly recommend to you Hunters out there to equip Nightstalker for the duration up until the boss fight, where a switch to the Nighthawk will definitely benefit you. You definitely want your crowd control subclasses equipped for this one, like Nightstalker, Stormcaller, and Sunbreaker. Also, never hurts to have a subclass of each energy type, to help with those pesky shields that pop up so often.

In terms of loadout, stick to maximum DPS for this one, as you rarely find yourself not surrounded during this strike. Auto rifles, pulse rifles, and rocket launchers. Keep the pressure going and communicate where and when to focus on Ultras and Majors. This is a tough mission to skip past enemies in, so be ready for engagements at all times.

Faction Rally

It's time again to pledge allegiance to one of the factions in the tower. This time around, however, each faction is offering the same weapon type: an Auto Rifle. So, it comes down to which archetype you find most appealing and which faction armour looks best on your Guardian. I'll say personally as a fervent supporter of Future War Cult, that I really like the New Monarchy armour set up this time around. Below is a breakdown of each weapon being offered.

Future War Cult: Offering The Doubt, an kinetic weapon archetype similar to the very powerful Scathelocke. Low damage, high RPM with great reload speed and handling. Equipped with Tactical Mag, High Caliber Rounds, and Snapshot Sights. Plus the usual three scopes to chose from. A reliable sounding gun, no doubt.

Dead Orbit: Here you'll find the Hollow Earth energy weapon. Higher end RPM, with solid range and stability to boot and a large magazine. Three scopes, Richochet Rounds, Steady Rounds, and Zen Moment round out the perks. Energy auto rifles are usually shaky bullet-hoses, and this looks like another.

New Monarchy: Another kinetic weapon, you got the Loquitor IV, the biggest hitter of the bunch. Very low RPM, but fantastic damage and incredibly good range. At face value, probably the best of the bunch. Scopes, Ricochet Rounds, Appended Mag, Alloy Magazine, and High-Impact Reserves are the perks. This weapon is very, very good on paper.

That's all this week for Destiny 2, folks! Get out there and earn that powerful gear and represent the faction of your choice. Build up that arsenal because next week, Lord Saladin and the Iron Banner return! See you next week, Guardian.