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EA Sports UFC 3 Looks Brutally Realistic

UFC 3 McGregor

EA Sports’ UFC games have all looked good, but the latest in the series, UFC 3, is undoubtedly the champion in the visuals department.

EA Canada has done a great job improving the graphics for each new game in the series, as well as tweaking the gameplay to make it more bone-crunchingly authentic, though for its latest release, the arrival of mid-gen console refreshes has helped.

Playing on Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, you have the option to play the game at 60FPS or 4K resolution; something which will delight fans. Though even in 4K, the framerate seemingly holds up very well, at least on the Xbox One X version which I’m currently playing. It also adds to the brutal realism of the game, with you being able to clearly see injury detail and spray flying off combatants as they’re hit with forceful punches and kicks.

UFC 3 Rawlings v Curran

More than any other fighting game, the visceral detail found in EA Sports UFC 3 is important, as it enhances the experience by making it more believable and true to the hard-hitting nature of the sport. When you land a clear hit to your opponent’s temple with a kick, you see them reel and stagger from the force of the impact. It makes you wince just like if you’d seen it happen in real life, because it’s that convincing.

It’s worse when battles have gone on for a few rounds. Bloodied and exhausted, fights become tense as you try to look for openings without giving your opponent the chance to put you on the mat. You can see the wear and weariness on the fighters’ faces, and may even begin to feel some compassion towards them as you know there’s more pain to come before the fight is over. But that’s good, because EA Sport UFC 3 is a video game, and if it can make you feel that way then it’s an accomplishment.

UFC is a bloody, violent sport, and one that’s now hugely popular worldwide. And if you want a piece of the action without stepping into a ring and risking your own beautiful facial features, EA Sports UFC 3 may just be the best way to do it. Check out the 4K Xbox One X gameplay video below of Rawlings taking on Curran to see just how authentic the action is.

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