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Psst! Hey, you! Yeah, you! Did you know that GameSpew has its own YouTube channel?

Yep, that’s right. As well as these mighty fine pages you frequently peruse right here, we also have our very own YouTube channel. You should go and subscribe to us! Yeah!

You may have heard that YouTube is updating its criteria for its partner programme. GameSpew’s channel is currently part of that partner programme, but since we don’t have 1,000 subscribers, we’ll be removed on 20th February. That means we won’t be eligible to make any revenue on our videos — unless we can hit 1,000 subscribers before that date, that is.

Why should I subscribe to GameSpew?

We update our channel regularly with all kinds of gaming-related stuff. Clips of funny stuff that’s happened to us in games, trailers of new and upcoming releases, gameplay videos and reviews.

We’re hoping to expand our video content over the course of the year with more reviews, more gameplay vids and other new, cool ways to interact with our audience. But none of that can happen without your support!

I’m gonna need some kind of proof.

Sure. Go check out our channel right here.

We’ve separated our content into easy-to-navigate playlists, so whether you’re looking for straight-up gameplay, game trailers, guides and tips, or reviews, you know exactly where to look.

Ok, you’ve twisted my arm. Where do I subscribe?

Head on over to GameSpew’s YouTube page, and hit the big red subscribe button at the top. Simple as that. Totally painless. We don’t even need to take any blood from you.

Now what?

Now as well as seeing our latest stuff right here on GameSpew.com, you’ll also see our latest videos pop up on YouTube too. Yay!

If you like what we do, get your friends to subscribe too. The more the merrier! For your support, here’s a gif of Link doing a super-funky dance. You’re welcome.

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