10 Games Series That We’d Really Like to Make a Comeback

Silent Hill

Silent Hill Mannequin

Last game in the series: Silent Hill: Book of Memories (PS Vita, 2012)

As a series, Silent Hill peaked at its second instalment. But that doesn’t mean that any releases since then haven’t had their merits.

2012 was a busy year for Silent Hill. First there was the release of Silent Hill: Downpour alongside a Silent Hill HD Collection. Then, later in the year there was Silent Hill: Book of Memories. Unfortunately though, Downpour was a mixed bag, the HD collection had issues, and Book of Memories was just not Silent Hill. At this point it was clear that Konami didn’t know what to do with the series, and another entry seemed unlikely.

In 2014, however, P.T. was released on the PlayStation store. It was a playable teaser which upon completion revealed Silent Hills, a new entry in the series being developed by Kojima Productions. Just a year later though, Hideo Kojima left Konami under a dark cloud, and Silent Hills was cancelled.

God knows if a new Silent Hill game will ever see the light of day, but it’ll be a damn shame if the series is well and truly dead.

Bloody Roar

Bloody Roar

Last game in the series: Bloody Roar 4 (PlayStation 2, 2003)

Sure, there’s plenty of fighting games released these days, but how many of them star characters that all suffer from zoanthropy? I’ll tell you. None.

Four Bloody Roar games were released between 1997 and 2003, and while they weren’t quite as good as the Street Fighters and Tekkens of their days they put up a bloody good fight. Mechanically it played like a toss up of them both, but its twist was that its characters could turn into beasts on command to gain the upper hand.

Apparently Bloody Roar 5 was in production, but got shut down following the closure of Hudson Entertainment in 2011. A year later Hudson Soft merged with Konami, meaning that they probably now own the property. As such, there’s probably not a chance in hell that a new Bloody Roar game will ever see the light of day.