5 Games That Feature Their Fans

Video game franchises only flourish and prosper because of their fans.

Developers know this, and so from time to time gamers just like you and I find themselves immortalised in their favourite games, likenesses and all.

Whether it’s as a form of tribute, or as a result of someone winning a competition, here are 5 games that feature one, or more, of their fans.

Batman: Arkham Asylum – Luke Oliver

Batman Arkham Luke Oliver

While pretty much everyone would like to be Batman, some people are quite happy to settle for being one of his adversaries.

In 2008, Luke Oliver won a competition to have his face rendered on an in-game character in Batman: Arkham Asylum. As a result he became a lunatic, pacing back and forth and muttering to himself in his cell in the Arkham Penitentiary control room. It’s better than nothing, right?