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The 5 Most Valuable Collector’s Edition PS4 Games

Final Fantasy XV – Ultimate Collector’s Edition

Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector's Edition

Original RRP: £189.99

What it’s worth now: £190 – £250

What it includes:

  • Final Fantasy XV Game
  • 2 SteelBook Cases
  • Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV Anime Series on Blu-ray Disc
  • Special Soundtrack Blu-ray Disc
  • Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Movie Blu-ray Disc
  • Hardback Artbook
  • 26cm Noctis Figure
  • Bonus DLC and In-Game Item Packs

Some collector’s editions break the mould by actually containing lots of actually useful extras – Final Fantasy XV‘s being one of them. Sold exclusively via the Square Enix store, its contents not only include a Noctis figure and art book, but also the Kingsglaive movie and Brotherhood anime series on Blu-ray.

Two SteelBook cases are included to house all the discs (4 in total), as well as a healthy serving of additional DLC items. Those who bought the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition for its full price of £189.99 probably won’t be making profit on it any time soon, but they can at least still sell it for its RRP.

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Bloodborne – Nightmare Edition

Bloodborne Nightmare Edition

Original RRP: £99.99

What it’s worth now: £200 – £300

What it includes:

  • Bloodborne Game
  • SteelBook Case
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Bloodborne Gothic Notebook
  • Premium Art Book
  • Quill & Red Ink Set
  • Book Tin
  • Bell Trinket and Top Hat Messenger Skin DLC

The oldest game on this list, Bloodborne is believed to be the best game on PS4 by many. That’s probably why the Nightmare Edition of the game which includes a host of extras has managed to maintain a healthy resale value.

As collector’s editions go it’s not a very good one – there’s no statue, the soundtrack is digital and the art book is tiny – but the tin that it comes in pretty nifty. The quill and red ink set is rather cool too, although a bit pointless.

Those who don’t mind parting with their Bloodborne Nightmare Editions can expect to get just over £200 for them. A sealed one could sell for considerably more, however. They’re quite hard to come by these days.

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