The Open Beta for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is Now Live

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT arrives at the end of this month, but if you want to see what it’s all about you can play it right now. Well, after you’ve downloaded it at least.

Available for all PlayStation 4 owners, the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT open beta allows you to play both online and offline battles on a number of stages, and there are also numerous summons and character customisations for you to tinker with too. The characters available for you to fight with, however, will differ depending on when you play it.

Three open beta slots are planned, each featuring a different selection of Final Fantasy characters for you to play as. The time slots are:

  • 2:00 PM GMT Friday, 12th January –  9:00 PM GMT Monday, 15th January
  • 10:00 PM GMT Monday, 15th January – 9:00 PM GMT Thursday, 18th January
  • 10:00 PM GMT Thursday, 18th January – 9:00 PM GMT Sunday, 21st January

That’s pretty much 10 days of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT action that you can enjoy for free. Sounds like an opportunity that’s too good to miss to me.

Developed in partnership with Team NINJA, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT releases on 30th January. For more information about the open beta you can visit the game’s website. You can also watch the open beta trailer below.