10 Relaxing Games on PS4

A lot of the time, video games can be pretty stressful.

Whether they be filled with shooting and looting, running and gunning, slow but tense stealth sections or massively overwhelming open worlds with so much to do you don’t know where to begin, some video games can just be too much to handle.

Not all of them, though. Sometimes, you just want to unwind, and you want a game that’s not going to kill you, race against you, or push your limits in any way. Sometimes, you just want to kick back, relax, and be allowed to take a game at your own pace with no risk or repercussions of death and danger.

We all need to relax at times, and for those much-needed moments of tranquillity, we’ve comprised a list of the most relaxing games available on PS4. Enjoy your zen time.


Abzu is lovely in just about every way. And besides from one small encounter with a shark, it’s a game that’s entirely free of stress. A game about exploring the depths of the oceans, Abzu allows you to go entirely at your own pace, take your time to look around, and push forward only when you’re ready.

When a game looks as beautiful as Abzu, you will certainly want to take your time to soak in your surroundings, too. Packed with endless colourful fish and marine life along with ruins of lost civilisations, Abzu is one of the most relaxing games available right now on PS4. It’ll take you around three hours to complete, but I promise you’ll want to jump straight back in to experience its beauty over and over.

Aer: Memories of Old

While Abzu takes us to the depths of the ocean, Aer: Memories of Old takes us soaring into the skies. A beautiful adventure game that rewards exploration, Aer puts you in the shoes of a woman who’s able to morph into a bird, taking to the skies to fly from island to island.

It’s colourful and mesmerising, and most importantly, flying as a bird is incredibly relaxing and enjoyable thanks to responsive and intuitive controls. Speed up by flapping and flying with the winds, and slow down by hitting both of your triggers. On land, you can morph back into a human in order to walk around and take in the beauty that each island holds. There are plenty of secrets to find and some puzzles to solve, but Aer: Memories of Old lets you do everything at your own pace. And with no enemies to bump into and no fear of death, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.