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Terrified of Cthulu? Tesla Vs. Lovecraft Encourages You to Blow Him Up

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What did Nikola Tesla and H.P Lovecraft have in common? They both had brilliant minds.

Those brilliant minds were the inspiration behind Tesla Vs. Lovecraft, a new fast-paced arcade shooter developed by 10tons, the team who brought us Crimsonland and Neon Chrome. Tesla Vs. Lovecraft puts you in the role of Nikola Tesla, and using his fantastic inventions, it’s up to you to blow up hordes upon hordes of Lovecraftian monsters who are there to try and steal your inventions.

If I wanted to be complicated I would describe Tesla Vs. Lovecraft as a twin-stick top-down fast-paced arcade shooter. To simplify, Tesla Vs. Lovecraft is a blast. From the very start, you’re thrown into a horde of monsters without much direction as to what you should be doing. Your first instinct is likely to shoot things — and that’s exactly the point. No real explanation is needed; each level your goal is to kill hundreds of Lovecraftian horrors in order to get back your inventions. With increasing difficulty, Tesla Vs. Lovecraft forces you to learn its controls and mechanics as quickly as possible so you can move on to the next.

See Tesla vs Lovecraft in action in our gameplay video below:

As you continue into the game you’ll come across different types of weapons that you’re able to use including a shotgun, tommy gun, and tesla rifle. You’ll also snatch upgrades along the way, such as increased health or movement speed, which help you during each level. I’m particularly fond of ‘The Nuke” which, as you can probably imagine, blows the crap out of any enemies in the area. You also level up during each new round giving your character abilities that last for that entire round.

Tesla Vs. Lovecraft is set to release on PC on 26th January with console ports to follow “in a month or two”. If you’re a fan of twin-stick shooters, then this one should definitely be on your radar.

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