The 20 Best Nintendo Switch Games You Should Own

The Nintendo Switch may not have been out for even a year yet, but already its library is bustling with brilliant games.

There are admittedly still a few genres that could do with a stellar release – racing for example – but if you’ve bought, won, or have been gifted a Nintendo Switch in the last 10 months or so there’s no shortage of great games for you to go at.

If you’re not quite sure which games you should add to your Nintendo Switch library, let us help you. Here are what we believe to be the 20 best Nintendo Switch games that you should own (in alphabetical order).

Axiom Verge

Created by just one man, Axiom Verge is perhaps the best metroidvania of recent years.

It wears its Metroid influences like a badge of honour, placing you in a strange alien world in which you’ll need to explore and gather a mass of new weapons and power-ups in order to discover exactly what is going on.

Featuring a haunting soundtrack, wonderful retro visuals and a compelling narrative, Axiom Verge definitely deserves a place in your personal library of Nintendo Switch games.

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The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth +

The Binding of Isaac 2

While The Binding of Isaac has been around the block a few times by now, there’s something about the Switch version that makes it stand out above the rest.

Being the Afterbirth + version, it contains all of the latest additional content — more monsters and freaky shit, of course — but mostly, there’s just something special about playing it on the Switch’s handheld screen. It’s the perfect game to jump into in short bursts – especially if you don’t mind a bit of the dark and macabre, like we do.

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