7 of the Most Tragic Video Game Couples

Bayek & Aya 2

Just like in real-life, relationships in video games aren’t always that rosy.

Sometimes true love is stricken by unfortunate circumstances. In other cases one falls madly in love with another but the feelings aren’t fully reciprocated. It’s sad, I know, but that’s life. And without these tumultuous relationships many of the great games we know and love just wouldn’t be the same.

So sit back, relax, and maybe cuddle your loved one while you read about 7 of the most tragic video game couples. Though be warned: there be spoilers in these ‘ere words!

Bayek & Aya – Assassin’s Creed Origins

Bayek & Aya

Bayek and Aya’s story is a tragic one indeed.

When their son, Khemu, is inadvertently killed by Bayek after being abducted for unknown reasons, their relationship is strained as they split up to hunt down those responsible. Throughout the game, however, you can just tell that Bayek and Aya have a deep love for another.

They kiss, they hold hands, they make love; there’s a real tenderness to Bayek and Aya’s relationship. But rarely are they able to spend any real time together, what with Aya’s servitude to Cleopatra in addition to both of their lust for vengeance.

As they work their way through those who need to brought to justice, they soon realise that Egypt needs people like them to look out for its people from the shadows, and upon forming the Assassin brotherhood decide to go their separate ways. Of course, both are visibly upset about the decision, but at the same time they know they can never go back to simply being partners.

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