Triss Gets Hot Hands in The Witcher 3

Triss Merigold - The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is a brilliant game, but, due to its gargantuan size and scope, sometimes things go just a bit wrong in it.

It was only recently, for instance, that an encounter with Keira Metz had me in stitches due to a book being seemingly glued to her hand. She was gesticulating everywhere, yet the book remained steadfast, even hitting her in the face on numerous occasions.

In fact, thinking about it, it must be something to do with the effect that Geralt has on the women in his life, as later, during a conversation with Triss Merigold, she seemed to have a problem with one hand too: it wouldn’t stop being on fire.

Triss had just used her powers of pyromancy to deal with a group of Witch Hunters, though after the ordeal she apparently just forgot her hand was on fire and left it smouldering away as she chatted with Geralt. Talk about hot stuff!

Watch Triss Merigold’s five fingered fiery fail below.