Will Mobile Gaming’s Phenomenal Rise Continue in 2018?

Gaming on smartphones and tablets has seen phenomenal growth over the past few years with the innovations and ubiquity of mobile gadgets helping to increase game development and adoption.

But with experts in the sector voicing worries that the industry has reached saturation point will mobile gaming continue its rapid rise in 2018? Indications are that it will; a combination of more mobile users coming online as well as an increase in internet spending will see mobile gaming gain even more exposure.

As 2018 gets going, there are a number of trends that will allow the mobile gaming industry to continue its upward trajectory.

An Increase in Mobile Spending

A good place to start is with existing mobile users. In developed countries this group of technologically savvy consumers is increasingly spending more time online on their mobile devices.

As a result, more and more shopping is now done on smartphones and tablets as they are the primary browsing device of choice for many people. Even in developing countries, some regions are skipping the PC stage and experiencing their first online activity via mobiles.

In terms of mobile gaming, the sector already has a massive chunk of the total amount spent online using mobile devices.  With $4 out of every $10 of online transactions via mobile spent on gaming, developers will be heartened to know that those figures are only going to go up in 2018.

Even More Realistic and Immersive Games

The smartphone and tablet electronics sector is one of the fastest changing industries of recent years. Continuous innovation and fierce competition means that better devices are being developed at breakneck speed. The advantage for mobile gamers is that developers get more scope to create even more realistic games by utilising the tech found in devices to its full potential.

One example of such innovation is the popular Pokémon Go app which caught the public’s imagination thanks to its innovative use of Augmented Reality. Within mobile, gaming sectors such as free RPG games, online slots and other gambling apps have become very popular too.

In addition, with many virtual reality and AR headsets incorporating the use of smartphones, gaming on mobile will only become more immersive. As new devices such as the iPhone X which are capable of better graphics and capabilities filter through the market, mobile gaming will only continue to rise through 2018.

Social and Competitive Gaming

Including the ability for us to surf the web on the go, mobiles also helped to expand our means of communication with friends and family through social media. The ubiquity of social media platforms on mobile devices means that many mobile games have sharing options for those platforms integrated in their gaming apps as standard.

That creates a social gaming experience that harks back to playing video games with friends in an arcade, except now it’s virtual.

Finally, another important aspect is the rise in popularity of competitive gaming, or e-sports. Competitions now fill up arenas while millions more watch the matches on their mobiles, and as its popularity grows in 2018, maybe even mobile-based tournaments will be created soon.

The points above show that mobile gaming is set to continue its extraordinary rise in terms of those taking part and the levels of expenditure on video games for smartphones and tablets. Mobiles are now part and parcel of our entertainment and information cycle, and that includes mobile gaming.