10 Things We Want to See in Fable 4

A new Fable game came out today, but you probably didn’t notice.

Fable Fortune, the trading card game that’s set in the Fable universe, has something of a tumultuous history. Originally beginning development at Lionhead Studios before the simultaneous closure of the studio and cancellation of their upcoming asymmetrical multiplayer game Fable Legends, Fable Fortune was miraculously able to continue development. Flaming Fowl Studios, a team made up of ex-Lionhead staff members, was able to continue development of the game with Microsoft’s permission. However, after a failed Kickstarter campaign meant to fund the game, Flaming Fowl Studios was able to acquire private funding and now – with a huge sigh of relief – Fable Fortune is finally complete.

Of course if Fable Fortune’s difficult development history is representative of anything, it’s that the Fable brand has been a rollercoaster ride from start to finish. With whispers of a new Fable game on the horizon by Playground Games, gears will inevitably begin to turn in any Fable-fan’s brain in anticipation. Here are 10 things I want to see in the possibly-non-existent Fable 4.

1. A fresh start

I’m sure I’m not the first one to say this, but the Fable series could use a restart. It’s not that it’s in an unsalvageable state – Fable 3 ended things in a pretty big way and leaves a lot of possibilities of where things could go. We could be the offspring of our royal predecessors, or maybe even someone else altogether. The real point is that the Fable brand could use a face-lift.

I’d love to see Fable 4 go back to the beginning of the timeline, maybe even reintroduce the Guild of Heroes. Explain more about the state of the world and how things got started. There’s no need in going over the same story beats we’ve seen in other games so this could be a chance to go in a radically different direction. Whether Fable 4 is treated like a prequel or a franchise reboot, either way – start this new game off with a clean slate. It’ll help take the bad taste of previous missteps out of all our mouths.

2. No more unfulfilled promises

If there was any series that has lost more goodwill from gamers, I’d be hard-pressed to find it. The Fable games originally gained popularity thanks to their creator Peter Molyneux’s lively explanations of what the game would be. Planting a seed as a child and returning to see it grown, that you’d have children and see them grow up. We’ve heard them all and we know that none of them came to fruition.

Obviously, game development is hard and I feel a tad sad for Molyneux. An industry legend that, over the course of a few years, was relabelled as a liar in the eyes of the gaming audience. So, maybe when it comes to marketing the next Fable game, Microsoft should try to keep things subdued on that front. Leave us with questions as to how big the game is. Have us expecting something small, so when you reveal the whole thing we’re left more impressed. Telling us things you plan to do but haven’t implemented yet will just have everyone shaking their heads in distrust. Better to just surprise everyone’s expectation with Fable 4 rather than them all down again.