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5 Mistakes That New Overwatch Players Often Make

We all make mistakes sometimes — it’s what makes us human.

When you start something new, in this case a video game, there’s so much to learn. Whether it be the character names or the controls, there’s a lot of new information to take in. I recently picked up Overwatch on PS4 so that I could play with my two best friends, and even though I’ve clocked over 300 hours in the PC version, starting over on console felt like an entirely new experience after being so used to keyboard controls.

I soon readjusted, though, and as I watched my friends grow into more qualified Overwatch players I noticed some common mistakes that they were making — just like I did when I first started playing on PC.  Here’s a list of some of those things for those of you that might want to pick up Overwatch for the first time… or if you just want to have a quick laugh reminiscing about mistakes you definitely made when you first started.

1. Shooting Your Teammates with Lucio’s Gun

The first time that you ever turn on Overwatch you’ll be forced to take its tutorial to give you a very brief idea of how to play the game. In the tutorial, you only learn how to play as Soldier: 76. After that, you are completely on your own to learn the controls for all other 26 characters. You’re able to see what abilities each character has when you chose them during battle but this still doesn’t give you all the details, plus people usually ignore this and jump right in anyway.

Lucio is one of six support heroes meaning that he has the ability to assist fellow players by healing and, in Lucio’s case specifically, boosting team members’ movement speed. Lucio is constantly surrounded by a circle that reflects onto the floor around him. If you have his healing ability equipped, team members within his radius will be healed and vice versa for speed boost. Along with this, Lucio’s gun sends out “sound waves” that correspond with the colour of his healing or speed boost. This makes it seem as if you need to shoot your teammates in order to heal them, but this is not the case. The only purpose for Lucio’s gun is to hit the enemies. Shooting your teammates does absolutely nothing other than make your team question your ability as a healer.

2. Misusing Symmetra’s Ultimate

When I first started playing Overwatch, Symmetra only had one ultimate ability and that was the teleporter. When placed somewhere on the map, preferably close to the map’s capture point, Symmetra’s teleporter will appear in her team’s spawn room, allowing any team member to instantly travel to wherever the teleporter was placed on the map. When just starting out, it can be hard to figure out exactly where you’re meant to place the teleporter. More often than not you can tell when someone has never played Symmetra before based on where they put their teleporter. My favourite are the people that put the teleporter in spawn so you go in and come out in the exact same place.

A few months after Overwatch’s release, Blizzard added the shield generator to Symmetra’s repertoire as another option for her ultimate. Players could choose to put down a teleporter or shield generator as their ultimate ability. New players, though, don’t seem to know the shield generator exists — or they simply don’t care. I found myself laughing when one of my friends told me the reason he never puts down shield generators is because his teammates “always walk away from it.” This is hilarious because the point of the shield generator is that it can be placed all over the map and any teammates generally close by will receive extra shield from it. They don’t have to be standing right on top of it. In many cases, your teammates will probably prefer the generator, but it’s best to simply use your own judgement to decide.

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