Deep Dive With a Friend in Debris

Moonray Studios is bringing co-op to underwater adventure Debris.

Originally launched in October 2017, Debris’ latest update brings co-op gameplay into the fray.

Before, Debris was a single player experience where you played as Ryan, part of a small team filming a promotional video of meteoric debris deep in the Arctic ice that provides efficient energy. In co-op, a friend can now play as Sonya, a second team member who becomes Ryan’s eyes as the light on his equipment is broken.


Down in the Arctic depths is all manner of scary, creepy, bioluminescent life. Your main task is to try and reach the surface again. In the new co-op mode those playing as Ryan have more to do using his tool to dispatch some nasty underwater critters. As Sonya, however, there isn’t that much to do; you can absorb the energy from the debris to keep oxygen levels up, and shine light on some lifeforms to avoid them attacking Ryan. There are some inconsistencies in the dialogue; out of the two players, Sonya may actually go ahead and discover something, but it’s Ryan who pronounces “I found something”.

Still, Debris has its scares. One moment caused my friend and I to actually shout in panic, and the further in you go, the scarier and more deadly the creatures of the deep become. Debris’ psychosis affects Ryan throughout, making his character  seem slightly bizarre to whoever is in control of Sonya. There are things that I, as Ryan, see and hear that my friend does not, leading us to question everything I can see and hear, and we are making our own guesses on where the story is going.

There is more than one ending to Debris, and decisions you make along the way are important. Various people will liken this to Subnautica just from seeing the trailer, but Debris is more linear and story-driven with some good voice acting throughout. If that sounds like something you can dive into this will probably work for you, but from my 90 minutes with the game so far, gameplay for both players gets stale pretty quickly.