Destiny 2 Reset Guide: 13th February

Love is in the air this week in Destiny 2. The Crimson Days event is now live, along with the usual reset activities.

I won’t bother reiterating all the Crimson Days information here, so if you’re interested in what that all entails check out yesterday’s article. Now then, onward to the usual stuff.

Powerful Engrams

Surprise, surprise. Six opportunities. This sure is familiar, huh? Here’s your weekly checklist:

  • Nightfall Completion
  • Clan XP via world activities, Raid, Crucible, and Strikes
  • 3 Heroic Strikes
  • Leviathan Raid or Raid Lair
  • Call to Arms (Crucible Matches)
  • Flashpoint: Public Events in the EDZ

All set? Then we shall discuss the Nightfall.

Nightfall Strike

It’s time to defeat everyone’s favourite Hobgoblin in the Pyramidion strike on Io. Let’s see (spins wheel that seemingly only has two options), your modifiers are:

  • Torrent: Ability recharge rate is greatly increased
  • Timewarp: Zero Hour: Mission timer will not extend

We’ve been over this one a few times already. It’s a busy Strike. Lots of encounters and several instances where you must either defeat all enemies or activate altars. Be prepared for extended firefights and come with the necessary tools: weapons and crowd control. Nightstalker is always good for this strike, and allows your fellow Guardians to benefit from your orb generation. Warlocks will find Stormcaller or Dawnblade effective for crowds here, and Titans…well, you have three crowd control Supers. Pick one. High impact weapons for the boss will make quick work, just be ready for the spawns during the final phase. Not a bad idea to keep at least one crowd control Super on hand for that instance.

Well, not much more to add here for this week. Make sure to head over to Tess Everis in the Tower to get your ‘Welcome to Crimson Days’ Milestone started. Have fun this week, Guardians!