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Metal Gear Survive 2

How to Get Clean Water in Metal Gear Survive

When you first start playing Metal Gear Survive, keeping your character from going hungry and thirsty can be a real struggle.

There are a few animals close to your base camp than can be killed for meat, and there are also a couple of bodies of water which you can use to fill any empty bottles you have, but the water you gain in this manner will be dirty.

Eating raw meat or drinking dirty water is possible, and sometimes may have to be done to save your life, but ideally meat should be cooked and water purified before consumption. Cooking meat is easy – simply head on over to your campfire and cook away – but purifying any water that you have is more troublesome, unfortunately.

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You’ll see in your list of campfire recipes that turning three bottles of dirty water into one bottle of clean water requires a hanging pot upgrade, but just how do you get it? The answer is, you need to progress through the story. You’re able to build an enhanced campfire complete with a hanging pot once you’ve acquired the wormhole digger in the story. I’d say that’s roughly about six or so hours of progress.

Until you acquire the wormhole digger, the best thing you can do is make use of any clean water bottles you find where possible, only drinking dirty water when absolutely necessary. But the good news is that once you have the facility to create clean water, keeping yourself hydrated is no longer a problem whatsoever. Keeping yourself fed will still prove to be a challenge at times though.

So if you’ve just begun Metal Gear Survive and you’re wondering like me just how you can turn all those bottles of dirty water into nice clean ones, push on with the main missions. Once you’ve acquired a campfire with a hanging pot you’ll find managing your thirst a hell of a lot easier, and you’ll finally be able to stock up on soup too, once you’ve killed some animals for their meat. Yummy!


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